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human resource management software in saudi arabia

affordable human resource management software in Saudi Arabia

Human Resource Management Software:

Probably, software wills facilities the work cycle and processing and archiving all the data in the web application. Most of the company considers the human is the basic and fundamental source of any business ever. In order to track all the employee profile and leave and payroll other stuff you need a software which will help and make everything visible indeed, especially when it comes into the right of the employee in the company and the right of the company to employee.

Keeping, all the information visible for the employee and for the Human Resource department will make a great communication for both. Also, the employee can find out all the necessary information from anywhere, if the Human Resource Management Software is cloud. This advantage could do a lot of things, gives the clear picture to the in every stamp.

Precisely, the Human Resource makes all the information and the fundamental right for all the parties. In Human Resource we can integrated to the accounting in order to find out the salary and payroll information. Some of the companies are not using the payment in the Human Resource, so we can integrate into the accounting if the accounting in cloud.       

In Saudi Arabia cities for example Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah we have a lot of companies are looking for software in cloud technology like web Human Resource. SOLUTEL provide that technology but the most of the company are interested on old style, still in Saudi market are using the local hosting with a networking net at the particular place. There in the words wide you will find the enlightenment of the new and latest technology, all the Europe and American countries are moving to the cloud software. Off course, we need the hardware in the local place like finger scanner integrated into API of the software and other things I believe, which can be word in business field.

In Saudi Arabia government are working to make the Saudization in the market in order to increase the Saudis in the business part which make a lot of foreigner to move out of the country, so we got a lot of missed with manpower  in Saudi Arabia due to the moving or replacing the foreigner into Saudis, therefore, companies will keep looking for a software to take care of their business by using less manpower.

Human Resource is the most important department in all companies, and now days will make all necessary to take care of company employees and software will make the task very ease to server all company and the employees. Also, Human Resource is not in high price like old days with close sources, in open source we can get whatever will run the flow and necessary stuff. We advise all the companies take the Human Resource software to make the work very smooth in visible, also the employee will feel that, company is making very great facility and services to their employees, which need to be think’s full.    



Why is it important to have Mobile Friendly Website?

Mobile Friendly WebsiteThese days the people are using mobiles devices to access websites instead of spending time in front of desktops or laptops.  They are mostly using mobile devices to get a glimpse of various developments. They prefer to use the mobile devices to do official work and conduct effective business meetings. Not only that, they also indulge in online shopping, play games, check social updates and the list goes on.

It has become increasingly important for the website owners to make their websites mobile friendly keeping in mind the above scenario.  The results were astonishing in a worldwide survey conducted by Google in 2012:

  • The number of visitors interested in mobile friendly websites has grown up to 74%. Previously, it was 45%.
  • 62% will not show interest if the website is not mobile friendly.
  • 55% online shoppers used mobile device to do online shopping whereas 45% used desktops and laptops to do the same.

A mobile phone is not just being used to do online shopping or play games. But it is being used to exercise different types of online researches by the users.  It is very important to have a mobile friendly website, if not then surely you’re going to lose business and miss out on esteemed customers.

It is a known fact that the traditional website does not display accurately on the mobile device.  Responsive technology is used to optimize the website. Laptop, tablet, Smartphone, PC, etc. recognizes a responsive website and automatically resizes themselves for optimal viewing. Your competitor will be only too glad to serve them, so don’t ignore your customers because they are searching and shopping on mobile devices in increasing numbers.

Jump on that board. Yes, it’s true. Google will penalize non mobile friendly website. Google’s criterion is to increase search traffic by including mobile search results. You need to take benefit of it and always be in the front list of organic search results.You may have already noticed a slump in business if you are still using a standard website version. Digital analysts believe that it is the right time to shift your website from standard version to responsive technology. Even though, many users haven’t yet totally replaced their desktops or laptops for their mobile devices, but according to the digital and market analyst increasing number are doing so.

Provide your customers with what they are really interested in.  Give the users fast loading pages, spam free website, better navigation with the best content and great products. Take advantage of that growing number of customers who are using mobile devices to visit ecommerce websites. Give the priority to make Google search index crawl into your website by enhancing and updating it into responsive version. You definitely wouldn’t want to vanish from the search results.

Smart phones and other mobile devices are fast becoming the most preferred way of accessing the internet. Based on the facts you cannot ignore the significance of having a mobile friendly website.