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CliniSol – Clinic Management Application by SOLUTEL IT

With the clinic management software the management of the clinic website, the in-house staff and the schedule of the clinic is easy to handle. There are many functions in a clinic which should be handled with lot of expertise and care.

Clinisol  - Hospital management system

The software helps the clinic to manage these functions very smoothly with no hurdles. This particular application helps to manage staff permissions online and if there is a particular group which needs any directions can be managed. The complete appointment s can be made online by using the settings in the app.After the patient is treated the correct feedback can be maintained online.

The complete website of the clinic is utilized with the application .The website can be a complete resource center by integrating the application. The patients can use insurance options by integrating the insurance plans and settings. The clinic management need not wait for the patient to take the details and handover instead the details can be got online from the application which is integrated to the website.

The patient management with the complete details from appointment to doctor to lab to diagnosis to invoice can be easily accessed using the application. The application has various tools wherein the clinic can update the pictures before treatment and after treatment .The content can also be updated with some tools specially designed. The doctors can have profile pages and clinic location to upload to the website.

After the treatment the patients have a lot to say like giving a proper feedback which can be published in the application .This option will definitely help maintaining the relationship with the patients and show them how much we value a customer.

This will generate leads to the clinic too. We can have comments on the feedbacks or posts wherein there will be a continuous flow to the site and will be indirect branding to the company gaining a lot of mileage for the clinic to be popular.

The clinic schedule is easy to manage with an application .The schedules can be of each day, every week or monthly and yearly. All the appointments can have specified timings. The visibility of the receptions page can be restricted to the receptionists and doctor’s page can be only viewed and managed by the doctor using the logins created exclusively for the doctor.

A complete end to end solution can be accessed by the clinics using the clinic management application CLINISOL which will be an online solution provided by SOLUTEL IT Co. Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. They can be contacted at  Or visit

Importance of Code for fantastic Web Development

Code for fantastic Web Development

The primary importance for every developer is to make sure that every code character should serve some purpose. Good form or theoretical benefits does not make it become effective. The quality of the code is judged more on how it solves the problem.

The idea is to work on the extra tags to make your code become leaner and faster. For example, HTML5 helps a web developer to work on the closing paragraph tags and gives you an option to work on the tags for the list items. If you are able to omit these tags with out effecting the functionality, you are helping your code to become much leaner and faster there by helping you to solve a problem and helping you to make a good code.

A web developer mostly use lowercase with hyphens to write the CSS classes. It definitely makes it look pretty. But the web developers these days are playing it smartly. Top web design companies in Riyadh have web developers that use a combination of camel casing, underscores & hyphens that helps the code in readability & also helps in easy maintenance of the code in the future.

A lot of Web Development companies in Saudi Arabia have been preaching to make their documents more semantic, but in reality these arguments are theoretical at the very best. An excellent knowledge on CSS maintenance and modularity will help a developer to minimize the loss in page speed and for an effective code.

A top web design company in Riyadh has rightly said: A good code doesn’t make the website to look pretty; it helps the website to perform smoothly.