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MISK digital media forum starts Nov. 15

The Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (MISK) announced here Sunday that the third edition of the Digital Visual Media Forum (‘Shoof 3’) will begin on Nov. 15.


The forum is a youth-oriented annual event that focuses on using new media platforms to raise awareness about opportunities for development through media avenues, and invites the participation of a large number of specialists in the digital media industry each year.
In a press statement, the MISK Charitable Foundation said that the Shouf Forum — one of the foundation’s premier initiatives — will target important issues related to the latest digital media technology and its relevant target audiences.
The aim of the forum is to highlight the importance of digital media, raise awareness of this among young people, as well as to consolidate the cooperative relationships between investors and authorities in the industry.
The discussions and workshops will focus on fostering talent, creative potential, innovation, opportunities and harnessing the tools of the media industry for the development of the country. Other topics include the future of new visual media platforms, marketing opportunities and trade windows, the ethics of new visual media, and the success stories of young Saudis.
The target groups for the event include specialists in digital visual media, individuals who wish to develop their knowledge, as well as private sector actors interested in digital media.
The forum will also highlight the contribution of visual media to the construction and nature of society.
The foundation added that this year’s forum will involve many improvements compared to previous years, explaining that the forum has held seven main sessions and three workshops in the past two years. The forum this year will be followed by 20,000 people through the Internet, where 38 experts will discuss at least 28 key topics.
MISK said that it aims to highlight national capacities for innovation in the field of digital media, and showcases youth engagements in this industry in order to promote positive and enriching knowledge content in the production industry.

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